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2024 Benefits

Express Employment Professionals Healthcare Benefits Enrollment Portal

As a valued associate, you are now eligible to enroll in group healthcare insurance products only available through your employer.

You must accept or decline benefits to complete the new hire process.

The Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan:
Our most popular plan because it covers the most common medical expenses such as doctor’s office visits and prescription drugs at an easy-to-afford price.

You may also enroll in:
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Term Life
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Minimum Essential Coverage
Plan information below

Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan

Covers the most common medical expenses at an easy-to-afford price.

Our Fixed Indemnity Medical plan pays a flat amount for each covered claim such as doctor's office visits, x-rays, lab work, prescription drugs, in and out-patient benefits, emergency room visits, urgent care, and other day-to-day claims. It helps cover out-of-pocket costs with no deductibles and no co-pays, and is our most popular plan option because of its highly usable benefits.

Fixed Indemnity is an excepted supplemental healthcare plan, not a Major Medical plan, designed to provide a fixed dollar amount used to cover basic healthcare needs.


Pays 80% of exam costs after $50 deductible.

Our Dental Insurance plan includes coverage for regular exams, X-rays, fillings, oral surgery, crowns, and even dentures. Associates have the option to see any dentist they wish, but will pay less if the dentist is in-network.


Offsets cost of eye exams, lenses, frames, and contacts.

Our Vision Insurance plan pays:
100% for eye examinations with a $10 co-pay, 100% up to $110 for frames then 20% of the remaining balance, 100% for plastic lenses with a $25 co-pay, 100% for disposable contact lenses up to $110.

Term Life

$10,000 Employee, $5,000 Spouse/Child(ren), $1,000 Infant

For associates up to age 65, our Term Life Insurance plan pays beneficiary $10,000. This plan automatically covers spouse and dependents (at lower amounts, see below).

Short-Term Disability

Pays 60% of salary up to $150 per week.

Our Short-Term Disability Insurance plan begins after 7 days of disability, pays up to 26 weeks (not available to employees who work in CA, HI, NJ, NY, or RI).

Minimum Essential Coverage

Preventive and Wellness Benefits

The Minimum Essential Coverage plan meets the Affordable Care Act’s definition of minimum coverage, providing benefits for testing, screening and wellness. Associates are able to select a different coverage level than the selected Fixed Indemnity and ancillary coverage level. This plan does not provide any coverage for sickness or accidents.
Enrollment in the Minimum Essential Coverage Plan will DISQUALIFY you from receiving a subsidy from the health insurance exchange. Please DO NOT enroll in the Minimum Essential Coverage Plan if you wish to obtain or continue receiving subsidized health insurance from the health insurance exchange. This plan DOES NOT cover medical services. This plan provides coverage for preventive services such as immunization and routine health screening. It does not cover conditions caused by accident or illness.

Availability of Summary Health Information for Minimum Essential Coverage Plan

Choosing a health coverage option is an important decision. To help you make an informed choice, your plan makes available a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), which summarizes important information about any health coverage option in a standard format, to help you compare across options.

1. Your SBC is available for viewing upon request and Free of Charge at any Express Employment office.
2. The SBC will be available upon request and Free of Charge by contacting ESC Customer Service at 1-866-798-0803.
3. A sample electronic version of your SBC is accessible here.